It is agreed by and between TF Morra Tree Care, Inc. (TF Morra) and the authorizing party (customer and/or customer’s agent) that the following provisions are made as part of this contract:

Estimate Approval: The authorizing party automatically enters into a contract with TF Morra when they email approve the estimate, and/or sign and return the estimate through mail/fax/scan, pay a deposit, and/or verbally agree to the description and cost. The authorizing party cannot request additional work from the crew directly unless it is approved by the office, and the additional costs are expressly approved by the authorizing party.

Scheduling: Job scheduling is dependent on weather conditions, workload, geographic relationship to other scheduled work and other unforeseen issues. TF Morra will do our best to meet all scheduled work dates, but shall not be liable for damages due to delays. If the client requires that they be on site the day of the job, this must be expressed when confirming the estimate. If times are given they are approximate, and TF Morra will not be held responsible for being late or early.

Cancellation/Fee: TF Morra kindly requests that the authorizing party provide at least 24 hours advance notice of any full or partial work cancellation for jobs that have been scheduled in advance. If work is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled date, a 10% mobilization fee will be assessed for incurred expenses. Jobs cancelled midNcontract will be billed for time and materials at the discretion of TF Morra.

Withdrawal of Proposal by TF Morra: Proposals for work expire within 90 days of estimate unless otherwise noted. TF Morra reserves the right to withdraw a proposal for any reason. In cases where TF Morra withdraws a proposal (before work has begun), all deposits and payments will be refunded.

Completion of Contract: TF Morra agrees to do its best to meet performance dates, but shall not be liable in damages or otherwise for delays because of inclement weather, labor, or any other cause beyond its control.

Arborist Disclosure Statement: TF Morra is proud to provide our clients with the services of credentialed arborists including: International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified, RI Licensed, Certified Treecare Safety Professionals (CTSP), Electrical Hazards Awareness Program (EHAP) certified, CPR certified and Licensed Rhode Island Pesticide Applicators. However, it is important to note that arborists cannot detect or anticipate every condition or event that can lead to illness, structural failure, or defects causing future problems with a tree; nor can an arborist guarantee the future health or safety of a tree in all circumstances.

Insurance by Contractor: TF Morra warrants that it is insured for liability resulting from injury/damage to person(s) or property and that all employees are fully covered by Workers’ Compensation as required by law. Current Certificates of Insurance are available upon request.

Safety & Tree Care Standards: All TF Morra arboricultural operations will follow the latest version of the ANSI Z133.1 industry safety standards. All work is performed in accordance with the Best Management Practices (BMPs) set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) as well as current American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standards for Tree Care Operations. The authorizing party agrees to not enter the work area during arboricultural operations unless authorized by the crew leader onNsite.

Access & Homeowner Preparation: TF Morra will do its utmost to protect permanently installed property such as pools, patios, etc., and unless otherwise specified, will remove property such as lawn furniture, ornamentation, potted plants, etc. from the work area as needed. The authorizing party is responsible for removing any pet waste from the job site area. The authorizing party is responsible for removing all vehicles from driveways, frontages and parking areas in and around the job site. In the event vehicles have not been moved upon arrival, thus preventing work from being performed as scheduled, a 10% rescheduling fee will be assessed. If work requires access via neighboring property, it is the authorizing party’s responsibility to procure their neighbor’s consent and ensure their neighbor has prepared accordingly, including any removal of vehicles.

Concealed Contingencies: TF Morra is not responsible for damages to underground sprinklers, drain lines, invisible fences or underground cables unless the system(s) are adequately and accurately mapped by the authorizing party. Any additional work or equipment required to complete the work, caused by the authorizing party’s failure to make known or caused by previously unknown foreign material in the trunk, the branches, underground, or any other condition not apparent in estimating the work specified, shall be paid for by the customer on a time and materials basis.

Driveways/Sidewalks/Lawns: TF Morra will reasonably attempt to minimize damage to driveways, sidewalks, lawns, patios or other property. In the event that our equipment causes settling, cracking, or other damage to driveways and/or sidewalks, and/or disturbances to the customer’s lawn, or property, TF Morra is not liable for any repairs or incurred costs.

Tree Risk: When prominent risk conditions in trees are detected by TF Morra, we will make every effort to proceed with the work promptly. However, TF Morra does not assume any liability for any accident, damage or injury that may occur on the ground or on any other object or structure prior to the work beginning, nor are we liable for any unforeseen hazards encountered.

Cleanup: Cleanup shall include removing wood, brush, and clippings, and raking/blowing of the entire area affected by the specified work, unless otherwise noted in the proposal.

Stump Grinding: Unless specified in the proposal, stump grinding is not included in prices quoted for tree removal. When included, standard grinding depth is 4N6 inches below ground level. Grindings and shavings from stump grinding are not hauled away unless specified in the proposal. Surface and subsurface roots beyond the stump are not removed unless specified in the proposal.

Discounts: Discounts given on any work will be revoked if the invoice is not paid in full within 30 days of invoice issuance.

Billing, Deposits, Terms of Payment: The final invoice for the balance due will be issued via email at the completion of work. For those clients who do not use email, an invoice will be mailed via the united States Postal Service upon the completion of service. For plantings, multiple day jobs, or other proposals requiring upfront purchase of plant materials, a deposit may be required prior to commencement of the job. Payment responsibility automatically falls to the authorizing party; it is not the responsibility of TF Morra to wait for or seek payment from a third party (neighbor, insurance company, client, etc). All invoices are payable upon completion of service. Accounts not paid in full within 30 days will result in a finance charge of 5% per month. Any fees incurred due to insufficient funds or returned checks will be the responsibility of the authorizing party, and are subject to the terms of the original invoice. Please note that additional services will be delayed or cancelled due to outstanding balances.