Protecting your evergreens against winter injury

With all of the radical changes in weather the last few years, evergreen trees and shrubs have had to withstand many difficult conditions, and the problems have compounded. Summer heat and drought, and fluctuating winter air temperatures with solidly frozen soil have led to much higher than normal rates of winter injury and undue stress on evergreens. you may have noticed excessive needle drop and browning in needle leaved evergreens, and yellowing and dieback in broadleaf evergreens.

In addition to watering your trees and shrubs well in the fall, one step that can be taken is spray treatment with anti-transpirant, also called anti-desiccant. The products we use (Nu-Arbor, Vapor Guard and others) create a waxy coating that effectively prevents loss of moisture from leaves and needles. This happens when soil is frozen, preventing movement of water, but air temperatures fluctuate, allowing valuable moisture to be released.

Contact us today for an assessment or to schedule your application. We apply anti-transpirant right through December, as long as temps are above 40F.  Treatment will provide protection all winter long!