Not so fast there, Spring.

Punxasutawney Phil is calling for an early Spring, and while that’s likely to get a collective cheer from us all, the warm temperatures can be quite confusing for trees. So far, this February we have seen extremely premature bud break in some sensitive species as early as February 7th. Because temperatures are not consistently mild enough to allow the trees to bloom, we are likely to see some instances of frost damage. Frost damage is not anything to be concerned with in the long-term; it’s largely an aesthetic issue. You may notice the browning of shoots, or on leaf-tips, but as things leaf out this Spring, the look of things should improve. Should you have any concerns about your trees, please feel free to send an email to and we’d be happy to to take a look.

For now, enjoy the thaw! We’ll be back with information in the next few weeks regarding our plant health care services for the Spring Season.