April Showers bring May... fungus?!

April 2019 has been one of the wettest on record with 23 of the 30 days this month recording rainfall. This trend has been developing over the past few years, and while we were hopeful that we would break the cycle of excessive moisture, that does not seem to be the case. The result of this is increased fungal issues, including in species not typically prone to them. Normally, we recommend protecting fruit trees (such as apples, crabapples) and dogwoods with an organic copper fungicide on an annual basis, but we’re also seeing the need to do so on many cherries, maples, and in some cases even various conifers. While we still remain hopeful that this trend does not develop into the new norm, it is worth considering treatment for the foreseeable future. Should you have any signs of leaf curling, browning, spotting, drop or blight, please contact us for a health assessment today. As always, you can feel free to reach out to me via email at stephanie@tfmorra.com should you have any questions or concerns.